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January 22 | 19
le 22 January | 19

We are officially in Winter, a time when we need to do our best to stay warm and well. The winter season usually leads to higher bills than the summer for heating costs. Our bodies need a comfortable temperature and when it is cold, we naturally do things to keep ourselves warm and healthy. The most common thing people do to stay warm indoors is to crank the heat up a few degrees. This ends up increasing power or oil bills, depending on what type of heating systems are in place.

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I had a wonderful time visiting the Environmental Systems and Societies students at Citadel High School in Halifax last month.  The students had been learning about pollution and investigating its connections to commercialism and consumerism. Investigating concepts from 'The Story of Stuff'.

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January 15 | 19
le 15 January | 19

How does Canada teach climate change? What would you like to see included in climate change education? Now is your chance to have your say!

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December 31 | 18
le 31 December | 18

On a recent visit to Bicentennial School on December 12th, I met two engaged classes of grade nine students and we worked on ideas to help our community be more efficient with our resources. During the presentation, we touched on the topic of climate change as a top reason why it is important for us all to try to limit our greenhouse gas emissions. We hear about climate change and global warming on the news so often that the issue is starting to be seen as commonplace despite its magnitude.

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I have been visiting Whycocomagh Education Centre (WEC) for the last three years to deliver the Green Schools Nova Scotia program. It's a relatively small school community with 165 students from Pre-Primary to grade eight. After years of working with this school, I have talked to most students at least once during their time at WEC. As a result, many of the students recognize me and know me by name. They welcome me as soon as I enter the school.

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December 18 | 18
le 18 December | 18

Scotsburn Elementary School, located in the rural community of Scotsburn, northwest of New Glasgow, has 80 students in Grades Primary through Five. The school might be small, but the students are full of enthusiasm and are motivated to protect our planet.

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