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We know that our energy consumption goes up in the winter. Between heating our homes, needing lights more hours per day because of shorter days, and plugging in our cars so they start in the cold weather, we use a lot of energy in the winter! One important way to save energy and improve our health and well-being is to get outside as often as possible. Winter Walk Day is a reason to go for a walk, ski or snowshoe adventure!

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I had a wonderful time visiting the Environmental Systems and Societies students at Citadel High School in Halifax last month.  The students had been learning about pollution and investigating its connections to commercialism and consumerism. Investigating concepts from 'The Story of Stuff'.

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I have been visiting Whycocomagh Education Centre (WEC) for the last three years to deliver the Green Schools Nova Scotia program. It's a relatively small school community with 165 students from Pre-Primary to grade eight. After years of working with this school, I have talked to most students at least once during their time at WEC. As a result, many of the students recognize me and know me by name. They welcome me as soon as I enter the school.

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December 14 | 18
le 14 December | 18

This week we had a full day of engagements with classes at Cavalier Drive School in Lower Sackville. Our goal at Green Schools is to serve the school to the best of our ability. Cavalier Drive is new to the Green Schools roster so we took the opportunity to give them a big warm welcome by seeing every class. Ruvi visited the English-language classes and Kelsey visited the French Immersion classes while Olga Lucía helped all around on Monday, December 10th.

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Yes, it is that time of the year again! It is the time of the year when houses look like something out of a movie with all the festive lights and holiday props, and as much as we all enjoy driving down a street with houses all decorated and lit up in the month of December, I always wonder how much homeowners must be spending on their power bill for all those decorations.

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November 20 | 18
le 20 November | 18

Make This the Greenest Holiday of the Year!

Numerous schools in the Annapolis Valley and Tri-county Regional Centers for Educations reduce their holiday impact by hosting Annual Christmas "Shopping" Parties. These are events that create a great way to reuse ‘stuff’ and reduce our ecological footprints while finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Christmas Shopping Party Basics:

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