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October 06 | 21
le 06 October | 21

October 3rd, 2021 marked the grand opening of Riverside’s Knowledge Path. The path was crafted to be both an outdoor classroom and a space for the community to come together in nature and in truth and reconciliation, providing opportunities for education and peace. 

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July 20 | 21
le 20 July | 21

Let’s talk about clotheslines for a second. There is a reason your great-grandmother based laundry days on the weather. Hanging clothes to dry is not only more economical, it is also the original source of “clean fresh” laundry scent! Did you know that clothes dryers consume between 2000-6000W? Let’s take the average and say that your clothes dryer uses 4000W (4kW) of electricity.

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June 09 | 21
le 09 June | 21

Ups, Downs & Pivots - How Green Schools Successfully Supported Teachers in 2020/21


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May 26 | 21
le 26 May | 21

Our newest FUTURES podcast released this week is an interview with Mr. Druhan and Nessy from St. Andrew Junior School in Antigonish. Angie, our Northern Engagement Officer, first met these educators and their students just before Christmas when they were making crafts out of recycled items through a virtual meet.

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May 18 | 21
le 18 May | 21

Guess what everyone? This time we’re celebrating not one, not two, but an entire classroom of Green Heroes! The wonderful grade 1/2 split class at North Highlands elementary was nominated by their teacher Valerie Shouse. These students are part of the “Clean Up Crew” at the school and spend their time at recess picking up garbage around the playground. On Earth Day the whole class cleaned up the school grounds and as you can see in the pictures, had a lot of fun doing it!

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May 03 | 21
le 03 May | 21

The Green Schools team have always worked towards one goal, support. Support for teachers, support for the NS curriculum and now, support with technology outcomes and at-home learning.

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