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Our Engagement Officer Pam Chandler is on the road this spring, visiting schools all over Central and Northern Nova Scotia. During the second week of April, she visited Northport Consolidated Elementary School, a new member of the Green Schools NS community, Wallace Consolidated School, Great Village Elementary School, Debert Elementary School, West End Memorial Elementary School, Junction Road Elementary School, and River Hebert District School!

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How Green School Resources are Used Outside of the Classroom

Natalie McMaster, our Engagement Officer in the South Shore recently received a request from a friend who is a professor at Saint Francis Xavier University. Her friend was asked to participate in Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities (CMTOLC) program.

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April 08 | 19
le 08 April | 19

On Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, I headed over to Auburn Drive High School to engage with grades 10- 12 students. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a bright smile by the administrator, Ms Johns who direct me to my first class. . I spent the day moving from class to class, and enjoying all the activity that comes with being in a busy high school.

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Spring is here, and Green Schools NS Engagement Officers are visiting schools to encourage students to reduce energy consumption, waste less and be sustainable every day! Central/Northern EO Pam kicked-off the school-visiting season by visiting both Shubenacadie District School and Winding River Consolidated School.

In Shubenacadie Pam was able to talk to all the students in the school! And have the opportunity to teach them about energy, and energy efficiency.

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March 29 | 19
le 29 March | 19

This week I had the opportunity to set up a Green Schools table for the Primary Fair at Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy. The Primary Fair is a chance for students who will be starting school in September to come together, experience the school environment and activities and meet the other students who will be in their class in the fall.

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March 26 | 19
le 26 March | 19

On March 25th, 2019, I had a Virtual Engagement with two grade 6 classes from Bedford South School. The topic of conversation was on Needs Vs Wants.

A need is defined as what one has to acquire in order to survive. This sparked conversation among the students of what is actually “needed” in their Nova Scotian community in order to survive and live a substantial life.

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