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September 26 | 19
le 26 September | 19

Lights off and head outside!

I don't know about you, but the biggest challenge of heading back to work after my summer off is being inside. After spending so much time outside all summer it’s a big change over the first few days of work and school. Similarly, I bet the students we teach and engage every day are having just as hard of a time adjusting to spending more time indoors.

Well, my solution is to head outside to work a few times throughout the day!

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September 03 | 19
le 03 September | 19

We cannot believe the summer is already over! We hope all our Green Schools’ youth were able to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and enjoy all the amazing natural resources our province has to offer. 

Now that school is back, we here at Green Schools would like to propel you back into the new year with some tips on how you can have a greener school year. 

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August 26 | 19
le 26 August | 19

Our Engagement Officer,  Kelsey Brasil ventured out into the woods to visit the Eco-Partners in Beaver Bank. She visited 17 campers and did an engagement on energy efficiency without any electricity! 

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August 16 | 19
le 16 August | 19

When Green School Engagement Officers head into classrooms across Nova Scotia to teach students about Energy Efficiency, we also learn a thing or two along the way. 

In Grade 4 science, students learn about how light is used and interacts with the environment. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge as they explore energy efficiency using different light bulbs. 

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August 08 | 19
le 08 August | 19

The students and staff at ESK (Mi’kmaq Immersion School) were faced with a tricky situation  this year. They wanted to start composting their food waste, but their community of Eskasoni has yet to have curbside pick up. That, however, didn’t stop this little school from doing their part. The teachers decided to start their own composting program to teach students to be good stewards of the land. One  teacher found a large bin they could use to put their compost in.

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Each year, the outdoor spaces at  Dr. JC Wickwire Academy add to their outdoor spaces to improve them. This school year was no exception! They added a traditional Mi’kmaq wigwam.

This project was made possible with leadership from teacher Adam Leuschner and committee, support from Master Craftsman, Elder Todd Labrador, his daughter Melissa Labrador and her family from the Acadia First Nations,  and funding from a ReconciliAction Grant.

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