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November 25 | 19
le 25 November | 19

Engagement Officer Pam visited LSK School on November 4th, with the Green Schools NS Program Manager, Olga Lucia Torres. 

LSK has been doing green initiatives for a long time. Last May, the Grade 1 students did an “Elephant Through Energy Workshop,” learning about circuits, electricity and more! 

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November 20 | 19
le 20 November | 19

Green Schools has been engaging with students for over 2 months now, and we’ve had a lot of questions about planting trees.  A youtuber named Mr Beast was challenged by his audience of over 26 Million subscribers, to plant 20 million trees. Mr Beast is known for taking on any challenge, so they partnered with the largest tree planting organization in the world, Arbor Day Foundation. For each dollar they raise, they plant a tree.

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November 18 | 19
le 18 November | 19

Did you know that there are 19 schools in Pictou County? Seventeen in the CCRCE, one Bridgeway Academy campus, and one First Nations School.

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This year, Green Schools launched a Virtual Series (suitable for grades 7+).  The Virtual Series is an opportunity for classes to meet virtually with Engagement Officers for a series of engagements on climate change, energy consumption, and of course, energy efficiency! 

How does it work?

Your class will receive 2 virtual engagements followed by an in-person engagement.

First Virtual: Climate Change

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October 31 | 19
le 31 October | 19

Our engagement officer, Scott Ellis, recently visited the Eastern Passage Education Center. Upon arrival, he realized that the school was taking serious steps to go green. The school is now using 100 percent tree-free paper. What? 

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October 21 | 19
le 21 October | 19

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit my youngest group of learners yet! I spent the morning at Atlantic Montessori School, engaging with the Toddler (18 month-3 years) and Casa (3-6 years) groups to explore ways we can protect our earth by saving energy.

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