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Yes, it is that time of the year again! It is the time of the year when houses look like something out of a movie with all the festive lights and holiday props, and as much as we all enjoy driving down a street with houses all decorated and lit up in the month of December, I always wonder how much homeowners must be spending on their power bill for all those decorations.

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November 20 | 18
le 20 November | 18

Make This the Greenest Holiday of the Year!

Numerous schools in the Annapolis Valley and Tri-county Regional Centers for Educations reduce their holiday impact by hosting Annual Christmas "Shopping" Parties. These are events that create a great way to reuse ‘stuff’ and reduce our ecological footprints while finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Christmas Shopping Party Basics:

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November 13 | 18
le 13 November | 18

This year’s World Science Day for Peace & Development fell on November 10th 2018. We have so many special days that are recognized almost every day and sometimes we may miss their meaning and importance.

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November 05 | 18
le 05 November | 18

When I visit Bayview Education Centre in Port Hood, the first things I notice are the incredibly friendly students and staff, and the brightly coloured, well-labelled waste sorting station in the cafeteria— you can’t miss it!

A motivated group of 12 students in grades six to eight started a Green Team at Bayview this year! The team, along with leaders Ms MacIsaac, Ms Morrison, and Mr Cameron, have some big ideas for what they want to accomplish at their school this year!

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October 17 | 18
le 17 October | 18

Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, The Booker School is an independent, non-profit preprimary to grade nine school embracing the values of the International Baccalaureate (IB). IB is an inquiry based not-for-profit educational foundation based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

International Baccalaureate Mission Statement:

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October 09 | 18
le 09 October | 18

With the first month of school already gone, students at Truro Elementary School have been hard at work in their classrooms and in their garden. On September 20th, their enthusiastic Green Team harvested their school garden. The school’s newly built garden was made possible thanks to a large grant from the Nutrients for Life Foundation. The team successfully grew potatoes, onions and chives! They used their fresh veggies to make some delicious cheesy smashed potatoes.

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