Introducing Efficiency Nova Scotia, Green Schools Bright Futures Award

Hello Educators and Students! We now have a bursary for students heading to NSCC in the Fall!

We are accepting applications for our new bursary with Efficiency Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Community College! We want to inspire youth to join green careers and we hope this opportunity will support students in Nova Scotia to reach their full potential!

There are 5 awards being offered for the Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Futures Award.

$2,000 award - Diversity & Inclusivity award

4 x $1,500 awards

Southern NS (South Shore and Valley)

Halifax (HRM)

Northern NS (Shubenacadie-Canso Causeway)

Cape Breton 

What does this mean? It means you can actually apply no matter where you are based in Nova Scotia and that is a huge bonus!


Applicants must plan on being enrolled in one of the following NSCC programs (a “Program”):

  • Electrical Technician
  • Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology (ESET)
  • Environmental Engineering Technology
  • Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Geothermal


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Entering year one in one of the above-listed Programs at NSCC;

2. Submit a brief essay on the topic of: How could your career advance efficiency and the ways we use energy in Nova Scotia in the next 10 years?

4. Applicants from an equity-seeking group are eligible for a diversity-specific award of $2,000.


More information can be found:


The Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Futures Award - NSCC Student Awards (

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Futures Diversity Award - NSCC Student Awards (


Last week we hosted an exciting event called Celebrate Cape Breton at Cape Breton University. This event including Placemaking 4G, Efficiency Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton University. Ninety-nine Grade 9. students from across Cape Breton attended the event. The goal was to celebrate the sustainable projects and ideas that are already happening in Cape Breton, and to brainstorm what the future could look like.

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May 29 | 19
le 29 May | 19

Truro & Area Homeschoolers

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May 27 | 19
le 27 May | 19

On Thursday, May 16th, Harry R. Hamilton Elementary School had its first Green School’s Engagement. I was welcomed by everyone in the administration and then lead to the library where I was going to be set up for the day. The library was bright due to all the big windows, and the natural light was amazing.

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On March 27th, I had the great opportunity to visit the Parkview High School, Key Club, and Environmental club. The group of students invited me because they wanted to explore initiatives and activities that they could lead across their high school for Earth Week. This was the perfect opportunity to have a conversation about Green Schools Nova Scotia campaigns that involve energy efficiency, and how to motivate high schools students to adopt energy efficiency behaviours.

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On April 29th, our Engagement Officer Pam visited the students at G. R. Saunders Elementary School in Stellarton. She visited Tammy Fortune’s and Sarah Galvin’s Grade 3 classes to talk about Energy, Plants and Magnets! Students tested out devices with some energy meters, including a hairdryer, incandescent lights, LED lights, and even a clothesline! One student told the group, “When we eat plants, we get that energy from the sun!” as plants use the sun’s energy to grow!

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On Friday, April 12th, I headed off to Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth Park to celebrate with the winners of the Watts Off Energy Challenge. Initially, I was just going for the pizza party to celebrate, however, due to all the hype that the Grade 5/ 6 students in Ms. Peet’s class brought during the 6 weeks of the energy challenge, other classes were interested in learning about energy efficiency.

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