École Beaux Marais sorting waste!

École Beaux Marais sorting waste!
June 03|16
le 03 June | 16

École Beaux Marais has a Green Team that takes care of sorting waste and creating awareness for how to sort waste throughout the school! During Earth Week, the students made Earth Day pledges as a beautiful craft. They also made other upcycled crafts. 

The Grade 4 class met with Engagement Officer Josée-Ann Cloutier to discuss ways energy is wasted and how we can reduce our impact. One way that was discussed was litterless lunches and the cost of wasting food and packaging. The students did the Electric Lunch Activity where they investigated their lunches in pairs and analyzed how much of their lunch uses electricity along with ways to reduce their waste. They also learned how long it takes for certain materials to decompose in the landfills. 

To download the Electric Lunch Activity click here: http://greenschoolsns.ca/sites/default/files/activity_-_electric_lunch_3...

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