Energy Efficiency at Shelburne High

Energy Efficiency at Shelburne High
December 18|19
le 18 December | 19

Friday the 13th, the day after a full moon and just before Christmas…  we say that is a perfect time to visit Shelburne High School’s students!

Grade 9 students were energized to explore energy efficiency for two hours with Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster. We did a modified Grade 9 Engagement Plan because we stayed together in one big group. If you are not familiar with this format, it combines a presentation introducing energy efficiency to the students, then students work the room discovering energy efficient items and testing the amount the energy used by different electronics, and then we shift to math as we compared holiday lights.

Students were able to explore what items used the most energy and come up with their own ideas on why certain electronics use more energy than others. They were surprised by how much you can save by switching incandescent holiday lights to LEDs!

Students we keen to share what they learned with their families and have them contact Efficiency Nova Scotia to have free energy efficient products installed in their homes. 

Do you teach grade 6 or 9 science? If you do and are interested in this engagement format contact your Engagement Officer today!

- Natalie McMaster

Engagement Officer

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