No schedule too busy for Green Schools Nova Scotia

No schedule too busy for Green Schools Nova Scotia
March 11|19
le 11 March | 19

Brookland Elementary School is located in Sydney, Nova Scotia and they’re always impressing us with their green initiatives. Earlier this month, Ms. Neeta Kumar-Britten had requested the virtual engagement Water Footprint. Cape Breton Engagement Officer Shandel wasn’t available as she was already booked to be at Dalbrae Academy and Inverness Education Centre-Academy. However, fellow Engagement Officer Pam was free and able to do the visit with the grade five class.

Brookland Elementary School is 307 km from Truro, where Engagement Officer Pam lives-but thanks to the technology of Google Hangouts, Pam was able to virtually visit the class with the click of a button and step in for her colleague  Shandel.

The class learned the water usage in the production of food and other products we consume. The students were surprised to learn that it takes 160 litres of water to grow one banana, and 200 litres of water to produce one egg!  Learning about our Water Footprint is a great way to learn how we can waste less water every day but through direct and indirect consumption.

If you’re looking to have GSNS virtually visit your class-simply contact your local EO. If by chance they’re unavailable for the time you were wanting, another EO will be able to virtually visit your class instead-even if they’re at the other end of the province!

Pamela Chandler

Engagement Officer

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