Visit with the Eco-Partners at Adventure Earth

Visit with the Eco-Partners at Adventure Earth
August 26|19
le 26 August | 19

Our Engagement Officer,  Kelsey Brasil ventured out into the woods to visit the Eco-Partners in Beaver Bank. She visited 17 campers and did an engagement on energy efficiency without any electricity! 

Sitting around the firepit, they used a LED light bulb as their talking piece and everyone talked about what they remembered about their Green Schools presentations from the last school year and they shared a fun fact about themselves. The conversation then flowed into energy and electricity. As a group they discussed the effects electricity consumption has on our environment. Everyone stood up and acted out the effects of climate change we see unfold worldwide and then acted out actions that can be taken to waste less energy and help our Earth.

Next, all the participants were given an opportunity to look at a variety of objects and determine whether or not they are energy efficient. As a team, they organized all the items from the object that uses the least amount of energy to the item that uses the most energy.

The following challenge was to be Energy Navigators and inspect the camp cabin to identify areas where they could save energy. The participants raced around the camp counting outlets, switches, and plugged in electronics. A fruitful discussion ensued about how they are much more efficient at camp than they are at home because they are on a generator at camp. Campers then made commitments to bring home the behaviours they’ve learned about and practice at camp! 

- Kelsey Brasil

Enagament Officer


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