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Avery’s Winter Energy-Saving Adventures!

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Avery, our Engagement Officer for Cape Breton Island, has been getting in the spirit of National Sweater Day by finding ways to keep warm during the cold winter months without using too much electricity! Let’s take a look at what he’s been doing.

Bundling Up – Instead of reaching for the thermostat, Avery’s been wearing a sweater he received from his girlfriend as a Christmas present to keep him nice and warm. He’s also wearing a pair of cozy slippers to keep his feet from getting cold.

Unplug Devices and Spend Time with Furry Friends – Unplugging electronic devices when not in use. This not only reduces energy consumption but also extends the lifespan of gadgets. Plus, he takes advantage of these moments to enjoy quality time with his adorable cat, creating a cozy, energy-efficient atmosphere at home.

Turning It Down – Before going to bed, Avery makes sure that the thermostat is turned down to 15°C to ensure no extra heat is being wasted. He also closes his bedroom door to keep the warmth inside his room.

More Blankets –  Doubling up on blankets for your bed is a great way to stay warm! He’s proudly using a handmade quilt made by his mother as an extra layer for when it gets cold at night. A blanket or two on the living room couch also adds some extra coziness while reading his book!

Keep It Closed – Heat escapes pretty quickly, so Avery does his best to keep his outside doors closed as much as possible – especially while bringing in the groceries!

Sealed Up – To make sure no heat is escaping from his windows, Avery has purchased several draft stoppers – fabric tubes filled with special insulating materials – to keep his home as warm as possible.

Enjoy a Hot Drink – Avery’s got a soft spot for a cup of hot chocolate during the winter! This is also a great way to keep your body warm in the evenings.

Share the Heat – After using the oven for cooking, Avery keeps the oven door opened just a little bit to have some of that heat warm up his kitchen!

Keep It Clear – Avery regularly checks his heating vents to ensure that nothing is blocking them. This way, he maximizes the amount of heat being brought in and keeps his home safe from fire hazards.

By doing all of these things, Avery is being kinder to our planet, being less wasteful, and is even saving himself some money on his electricity bill! Small, thoughtful actions have a bigger impact than you think – what can you do to make a positive environmental change this winter?

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