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My school joined the community last year. Should we get in touch again?

Yes. We ask that Green Schools refresh their interest in the free Green Schools program each September for the current school year. Schools that have participated in past years are still asked to update their contact information each September.

How do I sign up my school for the Green Schools program?

Contact us at or call us at 902-407-2513.

Is there a program resource for Green Schools?

Yes. The Green Schools Program Guide is available to download in PDF format right here. Use it to familiarize your students with the program and access useful resources to make your Green Schools experience a success. Whether you’re a first-timer or a Green Schools veteran, every Green School is encouraged to review this guide.

Who runs Green Schools Nova Scotia?

Green Schools is an exciting initiative brought to you by Efficiency Nova Scotia. A special team of educators, environmental experts, program developers, and strategists at Thinkwell Shift administer the day-to-day program requirements on behalf of Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Can any school in Nova Scotia join Green Schools?

Yes! Green Schools Nova Scotia is a province-wide initiative open to both public and private schools and students from primary to grade twelve. We encourage schools from every corner of the province to participate.

What if the activities we want to try are outside our school’s budget?

Even small, no-to-low-cost changes can make a big difference to waste less and help the Earth. Fundraising can be an important part of a Green Schools initiative and will help support the activities for success. Check out the Green Gift Basket Support Package for ideas for a raffle that maintains best practices for wasting less. Need help? Give us a call.

Our team needs help. Who should we contact?

The Green Schools Engagement Team is here to support you. An Engagement Officer posted in your region will be available to visit your school, help get your team started, and offer support throughout the year. Contact information for your local Engagement Officer is provided when you join the Green Schools community. You can also find our regional staff listed on the About Us page. Should you require additional support, please contact us: or 902-407-2513.

Our school is already swamped with activities. What resources are available to help make Green Schools an easy project for us to undertake?

The team at Green Schools NS understands that schools are often inundated with commitments and extra-curricular activities. It can seem like there are often not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We have thoughtfully designed this program to be effortless for everyone involved, especially those on the front line of leadership.

As part of the Green Schools family, you are never alone. Support is available throughout the year via the Green Schools website, your designated Engagement Officer (at the ready to visit your school and offer advice when needed), the Program Guide (contains suggested activities, talking points, and resources), activities with curriculum links, biweekly email updates with important local events and environmental dates, and five different Green School social media channels (find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube). Still not sure if Green Schools is doable? Please contact us. We will work with you to introduce this worthwhile program in a way that makes sense for your school community and your students.

Our school already has an active environmental club. Why should we join Green Schools?

Green Schools takes your club to the next level to strengthen positive efforts already underway, provide direction and suggestions, and help connect your eco-savvy school with other like-minded schools in our community across the province. Think of it as a bigger club that you can access to get ideas, ask questions, and share your achievements for the world to see.

How much does it cost to participate in the Green Schools program?

Nothing! Joining the Green Schools program is free, and there are no startup costs or participation fees. We are proud to continue to offer this free program to any school located in the province of Nova Scotia.

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