Cusack Elementary has Green Heroes

Cusack Elementary has Green Heroes
November 15|19
le 15 November | 19

This week we switch gears and head over to Cape Breton. We are celebrating 4 amazing Green Heroes from Cusack Elementary school. These students are in the 5th Grade and are already teaching others about why it is important to take steps in order to protect and preserve our environment. Their names are, Abijay Vinod, Mya McGee, Sarah Pope, and Gage Burke. 

They love to spend time outdoors and make the most of our beautiful province. They encourage their classmates to also enjoy being outdoors as being outside is fun!  As a group they take any opportunity they can to turn the lights off, and use natural light, unplug electronics to stop phantom power. Even when some things are turned off but still plugged in to a power source, they can be using up small amounts of energy which adds up! These 4 youth know that the best way to stay warm in the cold winter months, is to layer up and wear more warm clothing. Layering up ensures control of your own body heat which is what these 4 individuals have figured out! 

We look forward to getting to know the 4 of them a lot more during the course of the week. 


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