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October 13 | 22
le 13 October | 22

With the price of owning a vehicle in Halifax being unattainable for many people, one of our Engagement Officers at Greenschools has been exploring a cheaper and more sustainable method of transportation. After years of bussing, biking, driving, and walking around Halifax, Sandford has been using an electric scooter for day-to-day commuting. Sandford has been “scooting” (while incorrect, it’s more fun to say than scootering) for about 2 months, and has put roughly 500km on his device!

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Hello Educators and Students! We now have a bursary for students heading to NSCC in the Fall!

We are accepting applications for our new bursary with Efficiency Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Community College! We want to inspire youth to join green careers and we hope this opportunity will support students in Nova Scotia to reach their full potential!

There are 5 awards being offered for the Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Futures Award.

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January 19 | 22
le 19 January | 22


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October 18 | 21
le 18 October | 21

In our webinars, we talk about energy saving but we also like to burn some energy with lots of actions, class participation, and add-on activities! One of our favorite activities with our elementary students is the Ecological Footprint Pledge.

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October 06 | 21
le 06 October | 21

October 3rd, 2021 marked the grand opening of Riverside’s Knowledge Path. The path was crafted to be both an outdoor classroom and a space for the community to come together in nature and in truth and reconciliation, providing opportunities for education and peace. 

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