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February 28 | 23
le 28 February | 23

Join us in recognizing our newest Green Hero, Brydee Fraser! A grade 6 student participating in the #WattsOff2023 Energy Challenge at Cabot Education Centre in Cape Breton. Brydee was nominated by their teacher for showing interest in helping the environment, showing true heart when it comes to caring for our Earth, being concerned about wildlife, and respecting nature. Brydee is also part of the Earth Club!

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February 06 | 23
le 06 February | 23

This Fall, Sandford - our Bilingual Engagement Officer - had the pleasure of visiting École NDA in Cheticamp to engage with their students about Energy in Nova Scotia. While he was visiting, the school showed off the actions they have been taking to be more environmentally friendly. Led by Mr.

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January 24 | 23
le 24 January | 23

Nova Scotia is FINALLY starting to get some snow, so now is the time to get outside and enjoy some of that winter weather! Here at Green Schools, we talk all about different ways we can save energy and waste-less. One of my favorite ways to save energy is to head outside and enjoy what fun nature has to offer! I love spending time at Trenton Park with its 6 km of hiking trails surrounded by 565 acres of century-old coniferous trees.

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There’s just something magical about writing a letter.

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October 13 | 22
le 13 October | 22

With the price of owning a vehicle in Halifax being unattainable for many people, one of our Engagement Officers at Greenschools has been exploring a cheaper and more sustainable method of transportation. After years of bussing, biking, driving, and walking around Halifax, Sandford has been using an electric scooter for day-to-day commuting. Sandford has been “scooting” (while incorrect, it’s more fun to say than scootering) for about 2 months, and has put roughly 500km on his device!

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Hello Educators and Students! We now have a bursary for students heading to NSCC in the Fall!

We are accepting applications for our new bursary with Efficiency Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Community College! We want to inspire youth to join green careers and we hope this opportunity will support students in Nova Scotia to reach their full potential!

There are 5 awards being offered for the Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Futures Award.

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