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June 14 | 19
le 14 June | 19

Numerous times during my classroom Energy Efficiency presentations, a student will comment, “Wow, imagine how much energy it takes to power the whole school!” It’s true, schools consume a lot of energy. Summer is a time of year when we can easily reduce how much energy is wasted as schools typically sit mostly empty for two months. Phantom power is a major culprit for wasted energy in schools during the summer months.

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The 2018-2019 school year brought 30 new Green Schools from across the province. Many schools realise the importance of the program and the benefits that come with being part of the vibrant  Green Schools’ community.

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Mme. Cheryl Corbin’s Green Team at A. G. Baillie Memorial School in New Glasgow is working hard to ensure that everything they can recycle, is being properly recycled.

The Green Team, which includes most of Mme. Corbin’s Grade 4 Immersion class, helps supervise their newly revamped recycling station in the cafeteria at lunch time, helping their fellow students sort their waste into the proper bins.

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June 03 | 19
le 03 June | 19

May 23 was Outdoor Classroom Day and many schools across Nova Scotia headed outside!

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Last week we hosted an exciting event called Celebrate Cape Breton at Cape Breton University. This event including Placemaking 4G, Efficiency Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton University. Ninety-nine Grade 9. students from across Cape Breton attended the event. The goal was to celebrate the sustainable projects and ideas that are already happening in Cape Breton, and to brainstorm what the future could look like.

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May 29 | 19
le 29 May | 19

Truro & Area Homeschoolers

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