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February 13 | 19
le 13 February | 19

Our Watts-Off Energy Challenge competitors are into the third week of the competition and the teams are making some fantastic changes in their behaviour both in their schools and at home.  Last week our focus was on reducing energy consumption used in lighting. The classes received their mission Monday morning, challenging them to a lights off campaign.

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February 11 | 19
le 11 February | 19

Elementary students at Fanning Education Centre/Canso Academy hosted litterless lunch on Tuesday, January 29th, while the EcoClub at Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School in Old Barns hosted a litterless lunch on January 31st. To help organize and coordinate this effort  EO Pam virtually visited P-6 students at FEC/CA earlier that month.

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February 06 | 19
le 06 February | 19

In the year 2019, distance learning has come a long way! I like to think back to the days when the only way to communicate with someone far away was by phone or a letter that actually had to be sealed and stamped, then physically journey to the destination. Who knows when the individual would receive it! Now we can send a message immediately and expect a response before the end of the day.

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Intro to Watts Off

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Grade 2 students at Thorburn Consolidated School learned a fun way to go green for the holidays! Teacher Mary Webber-Cook wanted to incorporate some fun, hands-on learning for her 18 Grade 2 students who learned a lot about environmental sustainability in Social Studies. The holiday season is known as a time of excessive waste (think of the electricity, wrapping materials, food waste, etc.).

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We know that our energy consumption goes up in the winter. Between heating our homes, needing lights more hours per day because of shorter days, and plugging in our cars so they start in the cold weather, we use a lot of energy in the winter! One important way to save energy and improve our health and well-being is to get outside as often as possible. Winter Walk Day is a reason to go for a walk, ski or snowshoe adventure!

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