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October 18 | 19
le 18 October | 19

When visiting schools we always discuss Energy Efficiency and our Ecological or Carbon Footprints. I ask them, “what can we do to shrink our carbon footprint?” A great way to start is to try and eat more locally-grown food! What is the benefit of eating local? It helps support local businesses, the food tastes delicious and fresh, and it creates less pollution as we reduce the distance the food will have to travel from the ground to our plates!

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Connecting virtually with Google Hangouts is not only a tool for Green School’s Engagement Officers but it is an awesome way for classrooms to connect with each other across Nova Scotia, and beyond!

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October 10 | 19
le 10 October | 19

Hello! My name is Scott Ellis, and I’ve recently joined the Green Schools team. Today I am going to share the story of who I am, and why I wanted to work with youth to make the world a greener place.

At a very young age, I would regularly go outdoors to hike and fish with my father. He taught me everything he knew about the local ecology, forests, and the environment, and it stuck with me growing up.

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October 08 | 19
le 08 October | 19

Hello! My name is Genaya Fraser and ever since I was young I have had a passion for storytelling, nature, education, sustainability, and art with a great love for my community. 

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October 02 | 19
le 02 October | 19

Green Schools is always looking to showcase the amazing schools we visit every single year, and this year we are launching a new pilot project called #CelebratingGreenHeroes! We are looking to celebrate students throughout our Green Schools network that take energy efficiency to another level. These students may practice energy efficient behaviors within the school, advocate for reducing carbon footprints, and/or generate environmental awareness among staff and students.

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September 30 | 19
le 30 September | 19

Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Truro is always working hard to help families around the Colchester region.  From car-seat checks to cooking classes, they have lots of knowledge to share, and events for families to participate in.

They also always encourage green options in day to day life, and they’re making this more attainable, with some of the workshops they’re offering, recipes they’re sharing, and more.

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