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September 13 | 17
le 13 September | 17

As you enter Springvale Elementary, you'll see the Energy Dashboard hung on the wall on your left. It's a great place to check the pulse of the school! How much electricity is being used at this school? Sometimes that looks like the same amount of energy as it takes to cook 200 pizzas! At Springvale, the Energy Dashboard has an awesome playful frame around it, which makes it look great!

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September 07 | 17
le 07 September | 17

The apples are ripening and frost is coming- pull up a seat at the harvest table! Join us Sunday, Sept 10, 2017, for FRESHfest at the Halifax Central Library!

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August 28 | 17
le 28 August | 17

Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg welcomed Marlène Le Bel for their very first Green Schools NS engagement last fall. Bluenose is a really interesting school in a wonderful community that Marlène also calls home!

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August 21 | 17
le 21 August | 17

Clark’s Harbour Elementary School hosted their Exploratory Day for Primary to Grade 3 students last fall. Natalie McMaster was pleased to accept the invitation to attend and do some hands-on energy efficiency learning with the students.

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August 18 | 17
le 18 August | 17

The grade one class at Baddeck Academy had a visit from Shandel Brown before the end of school this year. The students were really pumped to see their Engagement Officer and to learn about saving energy! How can your fridge save energy? And how does a flower grow? These are just some of the activities Shandel and the grade one students shared together with their teacher.

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Ms Laura McIsaac invited Pam Chandler to share a Green Schools NS engagement with grades Primary to six at Pictou Landing First Nation School. Primary students had an opportunity to learn about using Draft Snakes to keep heat indoors in the winter. Grade one and two students got together to learn about their ecological footprint, and grades three to six learned about energy sources and how to save energy.

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