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July 20 | 20
le 20 July | 20

I am sure you’ve heard the name before, LED Light Bulb, but what does that even mean? And does it really save you that much money? Well let's take a closer look. First off, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDS began back in the 1960’s, they were very expensive when they first hit the market, as the technology in them was very advanced for those times. As the years went on, they became less expensive and more realistic for the working class.

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June 01 | 20
le 01 June | 20

What are some ways we can all save energy? Turn off the lights, conserve water, turn down the heat, unplug our electronics, and head outside! As the days are getting warmer I find myself heading outside more and more to unplug and relax, taking in the beautiful sights and sounds on Cape Breton. One of my favourite things to do outside is to get creative!

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May 14 | 20
le 14 May | 20

Since the announcement in March that schools would remain closed, Green Schools began planning ways to deliver lessons directly to students at home. While trying out this new way of engaging I requested to host Crafting Webinars for students interested in energy efficiency and getting creative! Crafting is not only fun, it serves as a visual reminder of what you’ve learned. 

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February 11 | 20
le 11 February | 20

It’s that time of year when the weather becomes a little unpredictable and the ground gets covered in a blanket of white snow. Snow can be a pain but it can also be lots of fun!!

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February 07 | 20
le 07 February | 20

The Watts Off Energy Challenge is back! This exciting program was developed by Green Schools and Efficiency NS to challenge Grade six classes all across Nova Scotia to be the top classroom that demonstrates energy- saving behaviours in a fun and creative way.

"We got hats donated for our Energy Crew to wear during presentations and school wide investigations" - West Pictou Teacher, Gena Henderson.

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February 05 | 20
le 05 February | 20

A new article to come out every day about climate change, encouraging us to switch our sources of energy from Oil, Coal, Gas, to renewables. Switching to renewable energy is a shift we are starting to see in the world, which is fantastic! Green Schools visit students all across the province to promote another solution that can begin with a call. Energy efficiency is currently the easiest and most effective way of mitigating climate change.

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