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February 11 | 20
le 11 February | 20

It’s that time of year when the weather becomes a little unpredictable and the ground gets covered in a blanket of white snow. Snow can be a pain but it can also be lots of fun!!

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February 07 | 20
le 07 February | 20

The Watts Off Energy Challenge is back! This exciting program was developed by Green Schools and Efficiency NS to challenge Grade six classes all across Nova Scotia to be the top classroom that demonstrates energy- saving behaviours in a fun and creative way.

"We got hats donated for our Energy Crew to wear during presentations and school wide investigations" - West Pictou Teacher, Gena Henderson.

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February 05 | 20
le 05 February | 20

A new article to come out every day about climate change, encouraging us to switch our sources of energy from Oil, Coal, Gas, to renewables. Switching to renewable energy is a shift we are starting to see in the world, which is fantastic! Green Schools visit students all across the province to promote another solution that can begin with a call. Energy efficiency is currently the easiest and most effective way of mitigating climate change.

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January 31 | 20
le 31 January | 20

This week we heard of another amazing Green Hero, Michael Braunmiller. Michael is a Grade 2 student from Riverside School in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Michael is often seen helping students understand the importance of saving energy and being energy efficient. Michael displays energy efficiency behaviours and leads by example among his classmates. He is the type of student that is always turning off lights that are not needed.

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January 08 | 20
le 08 January | 20

Here at Green Schools we are always looking for new and innovative ways to unite school communities that have one common goal: to adopt smarter energy habits and become more sustainable. As we witnessed our virtual engagements become more popular, we knew we finally found our tool to literally unite Nova Scotia school communities. So this year we added Multiple Classroom Webinars. 

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December 18 | 19
le 18 December | 19

Friday the 13th, the day after a full moon and just before Christmas…  we say that is a perfect time to visit Shelburne High School’s students!

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