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Inspiring Young Environmentalists: Halifax Central Junior High Students Interview Emma on Nova Scotia Wildfires

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At Halifax Central Junior High School, two dedicated Grade 7 students, Clara and Yarrow, are making a difference in their community through their passion for environmental conservation. For a school project focused on extreme weather events and their impact on habitats and ecosystems, Clara and Yarrow chose to research the Nova Scotia wildfires.

To gain a deeper understanding of the lasting effects of the wildfires, Clara and Yarrow reached out to Emma, our Green Career Specialist and caregiver to Clara. Emma shared her knowledge and insights on the devastating consequences of the wildfires on Nova Scotia’s ecosystems.

During the interview, Emma highlighted the significant impact of the wildfires on the local flora and fauna, emphasizing the importance of preserving and restoring these vital habitats. She also explored the topic of climate grief, the emotional impacts of extreme weather events, and emphasized the importance of environmental awareness and action among young students. 

As Clara and Yarrow continue to explore ways to protect and conserve the environment, their collaboration with Emma serves as a shining example of how young individuals can make a positive impact on their community and the world around them. Through their project on the Nova Scotia wildfires, Clara and Yarrow are not only raising awareness but also inspiring others to take action in protecting our earth. 

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