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January 19 | 21
le 19 January | 21


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Happy New Year Green Schools!

We hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday season. To kick off the first News Story of 2021, we wanted to start off by telling you about one of our most recent podcast episodes that featured our first ever Green Hero: Caroline. 

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Our Northern EO, Angie, had the pleasure of engaging with students enrolled in AgriFood at Northumberland Regional High. During their time together, they talked about Food, Energy & Sustainability from production and beyond - looking into energy and water needs for agriculture, expiration dates and packaging considerations. The students were eager to learn how they can add these considerations into the business ideas they have been working on this term.

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November 30 | 20
le 30 November | 20

Please join us in acknowledging these GREEN HEROES from Winding River Consolidated in Stewiacke! Joel (grade 1) and Justin (grade 3) were nominated for taking initiative and picking up the waste others chose to leave around the community near their camp - they collected OVER 3 BAGS! 

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November 27 | 20
le 27 November | 20

Last week, EO Genaya conducted the “Art to Save Energy” Webinar with a class of very enthusiastic, super creative, grade four students at Bras D’or Elementary. During the presentation, Genaya discussed forms of energy, how electricity is generated, and some of the various places we use it. Then, the class discussed the idea of upcycling! Upcycling is a fun way that we can use items around the house to create something new before we throw it out.

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November 04 | 20
le 04 November | 20

Last year we had the words energy jeopardy spreading around the schools in the Green Schools Program. Energy Jeopardy is a fun, interactive, competition that is done alongside some Green Schools energy related presentations. This year we are adding a new twist to the competition! Class vs Class, you heard that right, you can now learn all about energy, electricity, efficiency, and challenge another class in your school to a game!

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