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November 06 | 19
le 06 November | 19

It’s November and the colder weather is on its way. During the cooler season, though it may seem tricky, we can still find ways to be efficient! A lot of exciting events will be happening in the next few months and those celebrating the winter holidays are starting to prepare for the busy season ahead!

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We ‘Walk the Energy Efficiency Talk’ here at Green Schools Nova Scotia.

Green Schools Nova Scotia prides itself on not only teaching energy-efficiency but also BEING energy efficient. Did you know your school’s Engagement Officer plans their visit with the Earth and energy efficiency in mind?

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November 01 | 19
le 01 November | 19

Green Schools would like to congratulate and acknowledge our first ever Green Hero, Alana Williams!

This amazing young lady loves the earth and tries to take care of it, while encouraging others to take care of it as well. Alana’s grade 5 teacher at Saint Andrew Junior School, Ms. Emily Ives reached out to tell us all about this special lady and why she is a Green Hero. 

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October 31 | 19
le 31 October | 19

Our engagement officer, Scott Ellis, recently visited the Eastern Passage Education Center. Upon arrival, he realized that the school was taking serious steps to go green. The school is now using 100 percent tree-free paper. What? 

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Green Schools hosted E-Mission as part of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s 2019 Bright Business Conference and Awards. E-Mission is a hack-a-thon style event, challenging students to solve an environmental challenge. We invited 45 grade 9 students from 5 different schools in the HRM. Each student had an interest in environmental sustainability and had been given a toolkit leading up to the event filled with videos and guiding questions to prepare them for the big day.

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October 24 | 19
le 24 October | 19

Northern Nova Scotia Engagement Officer Pam got to visit some of the schools in Pictou County earlier this month, to learn how we can all #WasteLess! She started the week’s visit at Bridgeway Academy in Stellarton, with Janet Johnston’s students. Pam was able to virtually visit those students earlier this school year to learn about climate change, so the students had lots of ideas for helping the Earth! 

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