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March 19 | 19
le 19 March | 19

Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from energy efficiency education! The East Margaree Seniors club invited me to their monthly meeting to talk about the work I do with schools and ways their group could benefit from energy efficiency in their own homes. They were interested in the environmental benefits as well as the money they could save.

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March 14 | 19
le 14 March | 19

Watts Off Energy Challenge

We had 5 schools competing in our first ever Watts Off Energy Challenge. Here is a breakdown of what the past 6 weeks encompassed.

Each week classes were given a video to watch that explained that week’s mission. Classes set out to complete the main mission in class and were given add-on activities that would help them gain bonus points on the scoreboard.


Mission # 1: Get Energized!

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Brookland Elementary School is located in Sydney, Nova Scotia and they’re always impressing us with their green initiatives. Earlier this month, Ms. Neeta Kumar-Britten had requested the virtual engagement Water Footprint. Cape Breton Engagement Officer Shandel wasn’t available as she was already booked to be at Dalbrae Academy and Inverness Education Centre-Academy. However, fellow Engagement Officer Pam was free and able to do the visit with the grade five class.

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March 05 | 19
le 05 March | 19

Many schools have been receiving visits from Engagement Officers from all around Nova Scotia, virtually. Did you know the EO can provide a full engagement on many different topics and we do this without having to drive to the school?  This helps us reduce our CO2 emissions and engage more schools in the same day! How then do we engage the students?It is actually quite simple! We do so over the Internet.

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March 01 | 19
le 01 March | 19

We are in our fifth week of the Watts Off Energy Challenge.  The students have been learning about energy saving behaviours and promoting them at school and home.  

Over the course of the last 4 weeks our 5 classes have successfully:

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February 26 | 19
le 26 February | 19

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Living Earth Council hosted their annual Seedy Saturday at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre in Truro. Engagement Officer Pam attended and hosted a Green Schools NS table during this event.

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