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January 08 | 20
le 08 January | 20

Here at Green Schools we are always looking for new and innovative ways to unite school communities that have one common goal: to adopt smarter energy habits and become more sustainable. As we witnessed our virtual engagements become more popular, we knew we finally found our tool to literally unite Nova Scotia school communities. So this year we added Multiple Classroom Webinars. 

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December 18 | 19
le 18 December | 19

Friday the 13th, the day after a full moon and just before Christmas…  we say that is a perfect time to visit Shelburne High School’s students!

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December 16 | 19
le 16 December | 19

We have been promoting a lot of Green Heros across the province, students doing inspiring work to help protect our Earth. We love hearing stories about how these young minds are taking it upon themselves to make a greener world for everyone. With lots of students doing green work, there are also a lot of school staff working hard to be green!

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December 11 | 19
le 11 December | 19

With the holidays quickly approaching you’ll notice all around you the beautiful twinkling lights the inside of houses ,businesses, outside in parks and yards. In the past, most lights were incandescent and became hot, using a lot of energy! This can be a bit of a problem when you look at your power bill after the holidays!

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December 09 | 19
le 09 December | 19

The holidays are upon us, and instead of buying all of those gifts, cards, tags and wrapping papers from stores, students across Nova Scotia are trying to waste less this holiday season! This November, Engagement Officer Pam hosted Green Schools’ Nova Scotia’s very first Webinars with Green Holidays as the topic.

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December 06 | 19
le 06 December | 19

We head over to Halifax, and a local school called Park West, to get to know Riley Cogswell who is a grade 6 student in Mrs. Whittleton’s class.  

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