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April 29 | 21
le 29 April | 21

NEW GREEN HERO: A student who is dedicated to helping our Earth! 

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March 10 | 21
le 10 March | 21

Join us in recognising our newest Green Hero, Malik Deyoung! A grade 6 student at Saint Andrew’s Junior school in Antigonish, Malik was nominated by a Community Outreach Worker within their school, Tara, for his energy saving habits and their initiative, researching solar energy and creating a presentation for his class. We are so proud of Malik for taking what they learned during our #WattsOff2021 Energy Challenge and expanding their knowledge in renewable energy!

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March 03 | 21
le 03 March | 21

Over the past 5 week, all of our EOs have been busy conducting our Watts Off Energy Challenge for 2021 for 11 grade 6 classes from across the province! This is the third year of our challenge in partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia where we get to challenge our students to take action into real life behaviour changes to reduce their energy usage, and learn more about saving energy! 

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February 10 | 21
le 10 February | 21

Tech Outcomes and Green Schools

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January 20 | 21
le 20 January | 21

EO Gabrielle met with Gr. 9 classes at Park West to chat Energy and Food! They explored food miles and how much energy it takes to get your food to your plate! Why might saving energy be important? Well, it has an impact on our planet and our wallets! The more energy effiecnt we can be, the better!

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January 19 | 21
le 19 January | 21


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