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Engagement Officer, Kelsey, went to visit Windsor Junction Community Centre to present to their campers for  their Go Green Day. Kelsey met with campers and talked about what we love about being outside, our connection to nature, and how energy efficiency can help our earth!

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July 15 | 19
le 15 July | 19

We are hiring!  

Are you interested in being part of our team, please see our current job postings in Halifax and in Cape Breton

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**Information provided by Janet Johnston and Camilla MacDonald, both with Bridgeway Academy

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July 10 | 19
le 10 July | 19

When Engagement Officers head into classrooms across Nova Scotia our goal is to expand students’ understanding of Energy Efficiency and  connect the dots to the Nova Scotia curriculum. In the fourth grade science, students investigate how light is used and how it interacts with the environment.

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On March 28th, I visited Ecole du Sommet.  I visited students that are GS veterans, meaning they were very knowledgeable on energy and energy efficiency.  We played Energy Jeopardy to give the class an opportunity to show what they learned during our last Virtual Engagement. 

We also made connections between energy waste and the waste we see in our oceans.   We talked about how important it is to waste less even when we cannot see our waste, for example with energy waste. 

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Mrs. Linda MacPhee with her class at  Newcombville Elementary School, took hands-on learning, community engagement and integrated curriculum to a whole new level with her “Recycle Zone: T-shirts” project.

After hearing about all the plastics in the oceans and its effects on marine species, her grade 2/3 were inspired to take action!

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