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A big congratulations to Truro Elementary’s Green Team!

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The Green Team made a video informing the school how to sort waste appropriately, thanks to Vice Principals Jacqui MacIntosh and Krista Murray-Hayden for editing and leading the team!

The video will be presented in all classes in the school and can be viewed below.

During Earth Week, the school committed to doing all the Green Schools suggested actions for the week. Way to go! The Green Team did an energy investigation throughout the school with Engagement Office Josée-Ann Cloutier. The students discovered that their school is pretty green and energy efficient but found a couple of potential areas to improve upon such as making signs in the teachers lounge to unplug certain appliances, especially on Friday! This observation was suggested by a teacher sitting in the lounge while the Green Team was doing their investigation.

The Grade 1 class shared 10 things they could do to help the world, followed by a reading of the book by Melanie Walsh. The class went outside and drew their idea for how to help the world with chalk, thanks to teacher Ms Blaauwendraat.

Way to go Truro Elementary!

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