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A. G. Baillie Memorial School in New Glasgow showing us how to properly recycle

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Mme. Cheryl Corbin’s Green Team at A. G. Baillie Memorial School in New Glasgow is working hard to ensure that everything they can recycle, is being properly recycled.

The Green Team, which includes most of Mme. Corbin’s Grade 4 Immersion class, helps supervise their newly revamped recycling station in the cafeteria at lunch time, helping their fellow students sort their waste into the proper bins.

To first help reduce their school’s waste, there are reusable cups, plates, and utensils that the students can use instead of relying on disposable options. As Mme. Corbin’s class told Engagement Officer Pam, we should definitely Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but we should first Refuse unnecessary things!

The recycling station has a rinsing station, where the students can rinse their milk cartons, pudding cups, etc., before putting the waste in the proper recycling bin. The station has separate recycling bins for the refundables, plastics and milk cartons, a bucket for all plastic bottle caps, and a box for all of the Lunchables waste, which is then sent in to TerraCycle to be properly recycled! They also have a compost bin for food scraps, and paper bin at the station.The Green Team has  provided a helpful guide poster board which helps the students learn where certain items go.

When the students and staff sort their recycling they receive a ballot for a contest. The three winners will receive a reusable water bottle from Pictou County Waste!

Mme. Corbin’s class also did a large litter clean up back in April, helping to clean up local habitats and ensuring our garbage doesn’t pose harm to local dear and foxes. Pam paid them a visit  and Mme. Martin’s 4/5 immersion class on May 29th to learn about Earth Day.The immersion classes’ francais was rather impressive, though they did enjoy the Our Planet clip, which was english. The students were pretty excited to learn some new french words, including:

  • Narwhal: un narval
  • Cheetah: un guépard
  • Penguin: un pingouin
  • Jellyfish: une méduse

With the recycling expertise of the Green Team, and their amazing recycling station, students at A. G. Baillie will all be recycling experts before they know it, reducing the amount of items that end up in the garbage, and protecting the Earth!

~ Pamela Chandler

Engagement Officer

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