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A Green Snow Day!

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It’s that time of year when the weather becomes a little unpredictable and the ground gets covered in a blanket of white snow. Snow can be a pain but it can also be lots of fun!! If you’re like me and enjoy being cozy, you can celebrate Sweater Day all winter and spend your snowy days under a warm blanket and wearing your favourite sweater, and I don’t need to keep the heat running too high. So, what can we do at home all snuggled up? Well, there are loads of activities you can do that save energy and are just as fun! Crafting parties, board games, and reading all are low energy activities that you can do alone or with friends to have fun on a snowy day. Need some more ideas? The Green Schools Pinterest board has everything you need to get inspired to stay green even when there’s no green in sight.

Staying warm is nice but playing outside can also be super fun! You can celebrate Winter Walk Day by checking out new trails transformed by snow and ice crystals, take photos, make snow forts and snowmen, and start a snowball fight!

If you’re looking for somewhere to go and enjoy some fun outdoor activities that are also educational, Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Cape Breton offers an abundance of outdoor winter activities like nature trails, sleigh rides, petting zoo, and cross country skiing. Or, you visit our local ski resort and bust out the old skis and snowboards. If you’re not a fan of skiing but love racing down a hill on a sled, make a sledding party and have some fun with your friends! Often times local ski resorts, like Ski Ben Eoin in Cape Breton, will have sledding/ tubing areas and open snowshoe trails for a reduced price so that everyone of any thrill or skill can have fun in the snow!

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