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A story about Inspiring Change

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Our newest FUTURES podcast released this week is an interview with Mr. Druhan and Nessy from St. Andrew Junior School in Antigonish. Angie, our Northern Engagement Officer, first met these educators and their students just before Christmas when they were making crafts out of recycled items through a virtual meet. The engagement of the students and the positivity of the teacher was what convinced Angie to offer this classroom a spot in our Energy Challenge and *SPOILER ALERT*, they ended up not only winning this challenge but also have contributed to a movement of energy efficient change within their school, homes and community!

When presented with the option of participating in the challenge, the whole class agreed – afterall, there was a prize! Each week, they worked hard to complete the week’s tasks plus took initiative to do more. They shared the information on energy efficiency at home, with administrators, with other classrooms and with their community. They have developed passions in helping others #wasteless energy, re-think plastic use, invent new ways to repurpose items and so much more. They are a class filled with Green Heroes, Druhan & Nessy included.

This grade 6 class made a quick switch to at-home learning, like the rest of the province and Mr. Druhan reached out to Angie hoping to add webinars to their weeks at home. Together, they brainstormed some engaging ideas around the webinars Green School has available. This past week, Angie was thrilled to be invited to hear some of the presentations created by students, brainstorming solutions to the plastic in our oceans. There were many great ideas presented, all highlighting these student’s want to be conscious of their Ecological Footprints and work towards keeping their impact on the environment as small as possible.


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