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A time to Reflect

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Let’s take a moment to reflect on 2021 with Green Schools NS. Our Green Schools team took the year in stride. We welcomed new Engagement Officers, said goodbye to some, transitioned from at-home engagements to in-school and back again. We had a record number of 1591 engagements since January 2021. To that point, we engaged with 21 534 students across the province. We adapted virtually all while maintaining all the wonderful things Green Schools has to offer. We completed The Energy Challenge, introduced Virtual Field Trips, hosted many Multi-Class Webinars, and had so many wonderful Green Heroes and leaders on our Futures Podcast. 


In 2022 we plan on having an even better year! We have three more Virtual Field Trips planned before the end of the school year. The Energy Challenge is launching in January and we were so grateful to have so many applicants. In February we are hosting Green Valentine’s group craft webinars for all ages so grab that recycled paper and book a webinar soon. We are also conducting group webinars for Earth Day. We hope to break last year’s record of over 600 students on our Earth Day group webinar!


We could not have had such a successful year without you. Thank you all for welcoming us into your classrooms. We are so proud of all the students who strive to be energy efficient and take care of our earth. We only have one earth and it’s ours to protect. Here’s to another wonderful year at Green Schools NS!

-Victoria LaFontaine CSAP Engagement Officer

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