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Auburn Drive Green Team Late Harvest!

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A shout out to Auburn Drive’s Green Team, whose garden consists of 20 raised bed planters!

They recently had a surprise harvest from some remaining rutabaga, carrots and chard. Their new cold frame also revealed a few scraggling garlic shoots emerging!

Auburn Drive has a legacy with environmental activities. Auburn students were part of a large initiative a few years ago to remove bottled water from schools. They received a grant for water bottle refill stations, which are highly used by students in the school.

This fall the team has focused on local fruits and vegetables. They have been meeting regularly to process and sell tasty and fresh local fruits and vegetables to their peers at a very low cost. In doing so they also share information about the benefits of eating locally grown food and how it is good for the environment and the economy, in addition to being healthy!

The team celebrated their efforts thus far by making rice paper wraps with their favourite vegetables. Stay tuned for their next story where they will be making cranberry sauce with local cranberries and honey, a perfect side for the Christmas season. 
Way to go Auburn Green Team!

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