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Auburn High Strives to be cleaner

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On Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, I headed over to Auburn Drive High School to engage with grades 10- 12 students. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a bright smile by the administrator, Ms Johns who direct me to my first class. . I spent the day moving from class to class, and enjoying all the activity that comes with being in a busy high school.

The highlight of this day, was during lunch, when I was fortunate enough to meet with the Green Team. These students, and their Leader, Ms Code- McNeil, took time out of their lunch to meet with me and tell me all about the amazing things they have been up to this year. The all female Green Team has managed to organize a school wide ‘Garbage Day’ to celebrate Earth Day this year, and since Earth Day doesn’t fall on a school day, they have decided to host theirs on Friday, April 26th. The plan is to have students go out in groups and pick up litter in their community, and then dispose of it properly in their different garbage containers in the school yard. This is the third year they have done this activity and  the whole school now looks forward to it! The community is also aware of this work being done by Auburn High students, and the Green Team was thrilled to tell me that this year, there is less litter in and around their school.

Before the meeting ended, we also discussed creative ideas to get the school population to be more conscious of recycling. I passed on an idea I learned from the Green Team at Beaver Bank Kinsaac Elementary, which is to use imagery so that people have a better idea of what goes where. People are usually hesitant to read a list of stuff if they are in a rush, and so seeing an image of an apple core and an arrow pointing down to a green bin, lets them know that it is compostable.

Auburn, like many other schools in our Green Schools’ community, is making strides in positively affecting our earth!  


Ruvi Mugara

Engagement Officer, Halifax

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