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Becoming a New Green School

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On Thursday, May 16th, Harry R. Hamilton Elementary School had its first Green School’s Engagement. I was welcomed by everyone in the administration and then lead to the library where I was going to be set up for the day. The library was bright due to all the big windows, and the natural light was amazing.

I engaged with the entire school in groups, and it was fun to see the student’s reactions to how much energy a blow dryer uses, and even some teachers’ shocked faces when they found out about Phantom Power!

We also got to watch the famous Sammy the Sasquatch and he was definitely a favourite for most of the students. Watch the video here if you haven’t. During my lunch break, I was walking around the halls and would get an excited “Hi Ravi! I’m Sammy!” and the speaker would hunch over and try to walk like a sasquatch, making grunting sounds!

At lunch, I also spoke with Principal Jane Gourley about what it means to be part of our Green Schools’ community and she was very excited to have her school be part of this awesome community, and just like that, Harry R. Hamilton became our newest Green School! Welcome, Harry R. Hamilton! This means we now have 305 Green Schools in Nova Scotia.

So, all it takes to be part of the Green Schools’ community is for a school to want to learn more about what it is to be Energy Efficient and how to foster new sustainable habits.


HRCE Engagement Officer

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