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Bluenose Academy is a Gold Standard Green School!

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Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg welcomed Marlène Le Bel for their very first Green Schools NS engagement last fall. Bluenose is a really interesting school in a wonderful community that Marlène also calls home!

Ms Landry’s Grade 3/4 class and Ms Conrad Grade 4 students connected with Marlène about the community because she lives just 10 minutes away. She was a substitute at Bluenose Academy after she arrived in Lunenburg four years ago. During her recent visit, Marlène asked the students about their school, which was designed to the LEED Gold Standard. The students were reminded what each letter stands for: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Their knowledge about the green features of their school was impressive! The low-flow toilets use rainwater (non-drinking water), there is a green roof, and there is a solar hot water collector. In fact, almost 50% of the energy used by the school comes from renewable energy sources, such as the sun. This school is a good role model and their central location makes them an ideal leader! 

Marlene found some green yoga mats in the Visual Art room where she was hosting the engagement and in the spur of the moment, this yoga teacher and Engagement Officer weaved in some yoga postures to introduce the concept of energy. The students demonstrated some green yoga moves like Tree Pose!

The students heard all about energy and energy efficiency and that by changing our habits and making better choices, we can make a big difference. Little gestures such as turning off the lights when leaving a room can help by spreading the word to our family and our community. 

The students can be proud of their LEED Gold Standard school, which has a direct positive impact on the wellness of the school population and the whole community. They are saving resources while promoting renewable energy sources! Way to go Bluenose!

Thank you to Mr Steven McGill and Mr Raymond Aucoin! We hope to see you in the near future for more green engagements, and we are excited to support more green initiatives.  

Learn more about Bluenose Academy and their LEED certification at the school website.

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