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Bridgewater Elementary is excited about saving energy!

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Miss Selig’s Grade 3 class at Bridgewater Elementary is excited about saving energy! They took some time designing, making and posting energy efficiency signs around Bridgewater Junior and Senior High School, the pilot school with the Strategic Energy Management Program with the South Shore Regional School Board and Efficiency Nova Scotia. The younger students wanted to help remind the junior and senior students how to save energy!

The Grade 3 class spent the afternoon with Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster chatting about energy, why we need to save energy, and all kinds of ways to save energy. Each student did a carbon footprint test ( to see how big their own footprint was and how many Earths would be needed if everyone made the choices that they made every day. Students were able to see what things they’re doing well and also what things need improvement. They were then challenged to trace their own actual footprint and pick one habit to write in that they were going to change to decrease their footprint. The students had lots of awesome ideas on how to reduce their personal carbon footprint, and we’re excited to see them all in action!  

Maybe you want to do something similar in your school or house? Here’s the link again to test your own carbon footprint:

Also download our slideshow on Ecological Footprints and the Carbon Footprint Activity, and much more, on the Green Schools NS Resources page, everything is free and easy to use!

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