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Bridgewater Junior & Senior High School finished pilot with Strategic Energy Management

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Bridgewater Junior and Senior High School (BJSHS) has just finished their year as a pilot school for the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Plan, a partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) and the South Shore Regional School Board. Last year as part of the SEM Plan, Natalie McMaster (Green Schools Engagement Officer) worked along with the junior, senior high school students, and staff to set up the goal to waste less energy in their school and at home. They learned how to save energy and were introduced to the classroom checklist to reduce waste energy in their school.

This year Natalie returned to BJSHS to visit a grade 7 Science class to have a more in-depth presentation and chat about energy. This group of grade 7 students was keen to discuss many aspects of energy production and energy use in Nova Scotia. A new student originally from the UK just moved to the school, we were able to discuss the difference in energy use and social norms around energy in both places. We were all disappointed when our time was done.

Green Schools looks forward to spending more time at BJSHS in-person and virtually in the future.

Find out more about Strategic Energy Management here:

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