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Bridgeway Academy in Truro are efficient learners!

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Engagement Officer Pam visited Grades 3-6 and 7-9 students at Bridgeway Academy in Truro!  Ms. (Natasha) Benoit organized for both group of students to have an hour long presentation after their lunch break. The nine students in Grades 3-6 received the first presentation, while the seven students in Grades 7-9 received the second presentation and played Energy Bingo!

The first group of students (Grades 7-9) were interested in the energy meter Pam had brought for their school. Pam had the group of students come to the front of the class with her, and they got to test out common devices with the energy meter, and the timed power strip that their school received. The students got to test out a LED light bulb, an incandescent light bulb, LED Christmas lights, incandescent Christmas mini-lights, and even a hair dryer. The students were shocked to see how incandescent lights wasted so much energy with the heat they emitted, while the new LED lights were brighter, while being more efficient by not creating heat, and remaining cool to the touch.

The second group of students, ranging Grades 3 through 6, were a lot of fun! One of the students even knew what LED stood for: Light Emitting Diodes – many adults don’t even know this!

After the presentation, with videos, including “Energy 101-Light Bulbs” (video below), the students all had the chance to earn a Green Schools stamp while playing Energy Bingo. As students won the game, they got their green prize. At the end of the day, even if they didn’t win the game, all students got a stamp for being such great listeners!

The students had some really great questions and stories, and some of the students even had family members employed by Energy Nova Scotia, and already knew all about being energy efficient! Simple changes at home, like helping out family to use a clothesline, will have positive effects on our environment, while reducing the energy bill, and your clothes will also smell amazing – being energy efficient just makes sense! At the end of the day, the students were excited to share what they had learned with their families and friends when they go home!

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