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Burton Ettinger Students Create Change for Charity

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Mme Ulrich’s grade four class at École Burton Ettinger Elementary is making a change at their school and in the wider HRM community. The students noticed that many juice boxes were being thrown in the garbage instead of being recycled. Not only can juice boxes be recycled, they can be returned for a refund. These students identified an opportunity to waste less, protect the environment, and raise money for a great cause.

The class worked together to design and create posters about the campaign both in French and English to put up throughout the school. These posters explain how to properly dispose of their juice boxes, especially the important fact that the straws need to go in the garbage because they are waste that cannot be recycled. The juice boxes are going to be collected in a separate bin from the rest of the recycling so that they can be returned for a refund. After only one week, Mme Ulrich’s class alone collected 50 juice boxes!

When the students were asked what they wanted to do with the money raised from collecting juice boxes the first suggestion they had was to donate it to charity. They are hoping to finish the year with $500 with the money being donated to the IWK Foundation. If each class in the school collects 50 juice boxes a week they will be well on the way to reaching their goal! Great work by the students of Mme Ulrich’s class! You are all amazing changemakers who are making a difference in our world, both for the environment and your community.

~Amber McMunn
Engagement Officer

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