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Carbon footprints at Clark’s Harbour and New Germany Elementary Schools!

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Engagement Officer Natalie McMaster recently visited Clark’s Harbour and New Germany Elementary Schools to chat about carbon footprints and ways students can reduce their school’s footprint!

The Grade 3 and 4 classes were introduced to the Carbon Footprint, Carbon Monster and Green Ninja through two very educational and entertaining videos. The classes were then divided into four groups that brainstormed how to reduce their carbon footprints under the themes of energy, water, food, and waste. They came up with an extensive list that was discussed and added to as a group. They also chatted about how to make changes, and how to make those changes into good habits. Then they picked one change they are going to make to reduce their carbon footprint, and talked about doing some school-wide challenges to educate and have some fun too!

The Grade 3 class in Clark’s Harbour had two great books read to them about taking care of our planet, while the Grade 4 class in New Germany looked at some pictures from around the world on the impacts our choices can make on the planet. The students felt inspired and ready to make changes for a healthier earth!

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