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Catching up with Pictou Landing First Nation School!

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On March 21st, Engagement Officer Tabitha Coleman visited Mrs. Kim Dorrington’s Grade 3/4 class and showed them the Green Schools Energy Slideshow. Then the Grade 5/6 class delivered the Green Schools Electricity slideshow to Mr. Bill Findlay and his students.Throughout the presentations the students were very curious and asked lots of great questions. The students also got to learn about all the different resources that Green Schools has to offer. The students were excited to work on the activities in class and at a later date.

After the presentation, Tabitha talked the students through the Green Schools Classroom Checklist and discussed vampire power and items in the classroom that might be drawing power like vampires. Tabitha also gave a brief comparison of the different light bulbs (Incandescent, CFL, and LED) and showed the Energy 101: Light Bulbs video.

At the end of her visit, Tabitha showed everyone the Efficiency Nova Scotia checklist pamphlet. She told them that they can call the 1-800 number or visit the website to inquire about home energy upgrades, and an assessment. Tabitha talked about how she had Trinity Home Maintenance, a delivery agent for Efficiency, come into her home to help make some light bulb changes, wrap her hot water tank, and even leave energy efficient night lights for her two children!

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