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Centre Scolaire Étoile de l’Acadie virtual engagement!

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Centre Scolaire Étoile de l’Acadie in Cape Breton had a special Green Schools engagement – Engagement Officer Shandel was there in person, while Engagement Officer Marlene joined in virtually!

Mme Rhonda and her 25 Grade 4 students were good enough to accommodate us despite dealing with half the school being under repair and classes shuffled around since the flood.

This enthusiastic group of students had a nice warm up to create energy with some awesome jumping jacks! This was followed up with the Green Schools energy efficiency presentation, and energy meter activity where the kids tried to guess the energy efficiency of various devices. They learned that LED lights consume way less energy than incandescents, and with Christmas approaching the kids were eager to get their LED lights out to decorate their trees!

A big thanks to M. Patrick Poupart and Mme. Annick (vice principal) for jumping in to help with technical set up!

It was a successful first virtual engagement with this school and there will hopefully be many more now that everyone knows how easy it is!

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