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Chedabucto Education Centre’s Earth Day theme was trees!

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Chedabucto Education Centre’s theme for their Earth Day was all about trees!

The students planted 12 large fruit trees: 2 cherry, 2 peach, 2 plum, 2 pear, 4 apple, and some haskap bushes. To learn more about haskap berries visit They still have some blueberry and currant bushes to plant.

The Litterless/WasteLess Lunch initiative went over well with the Grade 4/5 class as the winners. The school also participated in the Lights Out Canada Challenge (map image here: and encouraged everyone to go paperless.

The Green Team also wrapped up the Plastic Grab Challenge with 1573 bags collected from P-6. They intend to enter this in the Walmart contest. Learn more here:

The day was finished off with a presentation in the auditorium by Dr. Bo about being a global citizen, and every student left with a white or red pine to plant!

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