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Clothing Swap at Pentz Elementary School

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Clothing Swaps are a great way to keep textiles out of the landfill and save energy too!

Petite Riviere Elementary School hosted their 2nd Annual Clothing Swap this fall. Students were encouraged to bring in any clothing that they were not using from home. All the clothes were arranged in the gymnasium by size. Students were then permitted to ‘shop’ in the morning. The swap ended with more parents shopping during the afternoon parent-teacher session. Only a few bags of clothes were left and dropped in a local clothes drop box. The success of last years swaps at Petite Riviere Elementary School spread in the South Shore School Board Board and Pentz Elementary hosted their first Clothing Swap this fall.  Great ideas travel fast, I wonder who else will be doing a swap next year?

Clothing swaps are a great way to save money but why not focus on the positive impacts Clothing Swaps have on the earth while you go. Check out the pictures to see how Petitie did just that when they put out the request for cloths in their newsletter.

If you are interested in hosting a Clothing Swap contact your Green School Engagement Officer for some helpful tips and learn what worked at other schools across Nova Scotia.

Check out the AFTer – Association for Textile Recycling for more textile recycling information.

Or if you are interested in a conversation about ‘Stuff’ – check out the Story of Stuff. They have great videos and facts sheets for classrooms too!

Have you ever thought of the environmental impact of a Tshirt? Check out this nice overview from National Geographic:


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