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Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School Eco-Club back in Action!

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Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School continues to go green! The school in Old Barns with just under 200 P-5 students has recently joined the free Green Schools Nova Scotia community. On March 27th they had a visit from Green Schools Engagement Officer Pam. The students learned about Earth Day which is happening on April 22nd. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and began to be celebrated in Canada in 1990. Since then, citizens in 192 countries around the world use this day to recognize the importance of protecting the Earth.  

During Pam’s visit with the school, students used recycled paper and their colouring pencils and crayons to design their own Earth Day Pledges. This activity helped them come up with their own ideas of ways to celebrate Earth Day and help protect the Earth. Check out the photos to see some of their inspiring pledges!

Mrs. Katrina Murphy has helped to re-start the school’s Eco-Club. The group of dedicated students has already made green posters using old newspapers, and they’ve been able to help the school with recycling plastics. They are also working to have some Earth Day Activities. School-wide activities such as Lights Out, a Sweater Day, Litterless Lunches, and others are fun, great ways to celebrate Earth Day!

With the Eco-Club back in action, Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School also has some amazing green traditions, including annual tree planting. At the end of each school year, the Grade 5 students get to plant a tree at the school to celebrate their graduation from CCES! With the annual Grade 5 tree planting, the school also plants a tree in honour of any teachers retiring from CCES. Planting a tree to celebrate school successes is a great way to honour those teachers and students, and also to take care of the school yard and local environment with its flora and fauna.

Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School was recently awarded a Truro & Area Wellness Fund from the South Colchester Community Health Board. Mrs. Katrina Murphy helped the school receive this funding, and intends to use it to start their very own school garden! School gardens have an abundance of benefits for schools, such as:

Learning where our food comes from and how to grow it

Learning how to prepare food

Sustainable: no transport required for food, plants provide oxygen and filter air, etc.

Healthy and delicious food options

Supporting Math, Science, Health, and Social Studies

Fun-friendship and team building

Looking to start a school garden at your school? Check out our Getting Started with a School Garden Support Package. Nutrients for Life also provides some great resources for school gardens, including soil testing with Tamara Sealy and more. Send them an email for more information.

Green Schools Nova Scotia looks forward to working more with Cobequid Consolidated Elementary School and to encouraging green choices and habits for a greener Nova Scotia!


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