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Colby Village Elementary upcycing!

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Do you have stuff lying around? Are your walls bare? How’s your imagination, have you let your ideas flow recently?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these, why not follow Colby Village Elementary’s lead!

In May, Green Schools visited Colby Village to present to the Grade 6 students on the topic of energy and the topic of ecosystems and habitats to the Grade 4 students. The Grade 4 students shared a number of ideas for ways we can minimize our use of natural resources, since the more we use, the more impact we have. One idea was upcycling! With help from their teachers, the Grade 4 students recently had an art fair featuring all sorts of art and sculpture pieces they made from re-using materials they already had lying around their houses and classrooms.

You can upcycle too! It is super fun and is a fabulous summer activity. There are so many decorative and useful things you can make by reusing things you already have. To get started and be inspired, check out our Pinterest board:

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