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Craft Time Webinars

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Since the announcement in March that schools would remain closed, Green Schools began planning ways to deliver lessons directly to students at home. While trying out this new way of engaging I requested to host Crafting Webinars for students interested in energy efficiency and getting creative! Crafting is not only fun, it serves as a visual reminder of what you’ve learned. 

So what would this look like? We start off with scrap paper. It’s normally a rectangular piece that we have to then cut into a square. Those scraps could be thrown away or it can open up a discussion! Why should we make use of all the materials we have? Where does paper come from? We do this to remind ourselves to waste less, learning about the importance of trees when we use paper is step one! Next we choose a topic and create a craft that matches the theme of the presentation! Like bunnies to remember to stay green at Easter, draft snakes to save heat energy, a whale to talk about ocean issues, a sun to remember to use natural light! 

As someone who loves to listen, learn, craft, and create, crafting with students while discussing ways to help our earth is the highlight of my week! I am able to see the masterpieces that they have created and listen to them tell each other stories about what they do to take care of our planet. 

As school starts to wind down we want to let folks know that we are continuing to host webinars at home and for entire classrooms. Teachers can continue to book a webinar with their local engagement officer for free on the topic of their choice. It doesn’t have to be craft time, there’s plenty of options! 

Creating while we learn will always be a passion of mine and a great way to channel energy into something creative, fun and informative!

~ Genaya Fraser

Cape Breton Engagement Officer


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