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CSAP Forum in Debert

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Engagement Officer Josée-Ann Cloutier attended the CSAP Forum in Debert recently. Students brought forth ideas regarding needs in their school communities, their passions and interests and how they can create innovative solutions collectively combining these elements together in regards to sustainability. Results and ideas included offering more green literacy by reading more green books on sustainability through forming a green book club, collecting donations to eliminate plastic water bottles in the schools by replacing them with reusable ones, and to create more awareness around animal health and safety. Needs included local fresh food, more social types of activities all year round, and more community programs that focus on sustainability and ecology. Pictured below is Juliana Barnard, the Coordinator and main organizer of the event who oversees the Community Development Officers in the CSAP high schools with students, co-leading the workshop with Green Schools Engagement Officer Josée-Ann Cloutier on how to build projects that meet community needs in relationship to sustainability, consumption and green energy.

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