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Debert Elementary School Blue Marble Initiative for Earth Week!

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Debert Elementary School took part in the Blue Marble Initiative for Earth Week! (

Once per year during Earth Week, the Blue Marble Initiative engages with a school providing many wonderful educational experiences for the school community. This project is spearheaded by Dr. Karen Ewing and includes the support of many community volunteers.

All 150 students were provided with a Blue Marble Passport. As the students cycled through each station in groups of ten and completed the activity they were provided with a stamp to show that they had participated.
Green Schools NS was invited to participate in the school-wide event. We shared our knowledge on energy conservation and played the Green Schools Energy Bingo game.

To download the Energy Bingo Activity sheets visit:

At the end of the event students were offered a piece of celebration cake and surprised with a visit from an endangered polar bear. They went wild with excitement!

Fun facts about polar bears:…

That concluded the event with everyone leaving with a little more knowledge and wisdom on the importance of taking care of our one earth!

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