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Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School learns all about energy!

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Last week, Engagement Officer Pam visited Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated in Stellarton to present and teach all about energy!

Mrs. Ali Hayward’s Grade 8 class, combined with a Grade 3 class, for a total of 40 students, were all attentive and had some great questions and stories about energy. During the presentation, two Grade 8 students volunteered to help Pam show the other students how various household devices use energy with the aid of an energy meter. They tested a hair dryer, which proved to use more than 1200 Watts, and also an incandescent light bulb versus an LED light bulb. The incandescent used over 100W, while the LED only used 7-8W. This helped students to better understand how our devices and our habits consume energy.

After the presentation, students paired up (Grade 8’s with Grade 3’s) and all got to play Energy Bingo. By the end of the game, most students had won, and as everyone was leaving for their lunch they received a green prize for being such great students!

As a new member in the Green Schools community, a Green Schools window decal was left with Mrs. Hayward to proudly display in the main door window. They were also given an energy meter and a power strip of their own, so they can use them around the school to reduce the school’s energy consumption!

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