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Earth Week With Mme Whalen at John W. MacLeod-Fleming Tower School

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In the fall, Green Schools NS was invited to spend some time with Kate Whalen’s Primary class at John W. Macleod-Fleming Tower School. We visited this enthusiastic class to talk about energy and the little things we can do to every day to waste less. This spring we were invited back to talk about the importance of Earth Day! On April 17th, our Engagement Officer for the HRM, Amber McMunn, spent the day with students at John W. MacLeod, starting her day with a visit to Kate Whalen’s Primary students. Here we found a class ready to celebrate Earth Week with a full schedule of activities. Check out everything these students did to take care of the Earth since it does such a great job of taking care of us:

Monday, April 23rd: Get outside! Students got to spend part of their day learning outdoors.

Tuesday, April 24th: Litterless Lunch Day! Instead of a lunch that uses lots of plastic and creates garbage, students brought their food in containers that can be used over and over again to have a waste-free day!

Wednesday, April 25th: Half Lights Out Day! The class was spent with the lights off all afternoon. Students were encouraged to keep this light free afternoon going as they headed home. 

Thursday, April 26th: While wearing green for the day, students spent time making Earth Day pledges which included turning off the tap while they brush their teeth, turning off the lights, and using reusable grocery bags!

Friday, April 27th: Plant a seed day! Plants help keep the air clean and healthy and these students are growing their own plants to take home.

Through a wonderful week of activities, these students learned how they can be mindful of the Earth! Thank you to Mme. Whalen for encouraging and engaging with your students on how we can all work to celebrate Earth Day every day.

~Amber McMunn,
Engagement Officer, HRM

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