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Eastern Passage is going Green

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Our engagement officer, Scott Ellis, recently visited the Eastern Passage Education Center. Upon arrival, he realized that the school was taking serious steps to go green. The school is now using 100 percent tree-free paper. What? 

Paper that’s not made of trees is that possible? Yes, this paper is manufactured using the residue waste of sugar cane. The paper is made in Columbia from a material that would otherwise be deemed useless and discarded or simply plowed back into the ground, so it does not have any adverse effects on food production. Sugar paper is saving our valuable forest’s one sheet at a time when they need protection the most. We are now as a planet trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint and this paper also reduces GHG emissions. The Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Sugar Sheet are 29% lower than even 100% recycled content paper. The Greenhouse gasses are lower because trees don’t need to be cut and transported to a paper mill. This means we are being more efficient with our energy and our waste! On top of being energy efficient, 1 tonne of Sugar Sheet saves approximately 26 trees. 

Way to go Eastern Passage Education Center, keep up the great work!

Scott Ellis

Engagement Officer

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