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École Acadienne de Pomquet’s “Club of Hope”!

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École Acadienne de Pomquet has a team of enthusiastic and caring students from Grades 7-12 working together as the “Club of Hope” in which they aim to bring positive initiatives to their school community. During Engagement Officer Josée’s visit they discussed energy, sources of energy and the ways we can reduce energy, followed by ways to use an energy meter and timed power bar. They did a walk around the school to make notes on how the school may want to improve or integrate greener actions. Outside they skipped around, found garbage and identified that a clean up would be a great way to start. After some fresh air the students drew and wrote down their ideas together on the board which they will present to the Principal and to the Community Development Officer. Ideas include to find ways to eliminate or find alternatives to styrofoam and the plastic cutlery in the cafeteria, make weekly announcements, put up a dry erase board with messages in the hallway, pick up waste on the school grounds, get a compost and vermicompost system, start a garden, make musical instruments with recycled materials, a lights out campaign, put up stickers to turn off the lights, and open the curtains in the classrooms. On top of all that, they are also building an outdoor classroom!

École Acadienne de Pomquet is well on it’s way to making their school, and the world, a greener place!

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