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Elizabeth Sutherland School won 2nd place in the solar oven challenge!

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Hey, what’s cooking!? 
A lot!
How are you cooking?
With the sun!
Now that is green energy!

If you were at Elizabeth Sutherland School in Spryfield a couple of months ago that is probably how the conversation would have gone down. Mr. Murphy’s Grade 8 class designed, built and tested solar ovens. Thankfully the sun came out – as we all know it is not guaranteed in the Nova Scotia spring! They submitted their entries to GreenLearning Canada’s Re-Energy Solar Oven challenge. And guess what? They came in second in the country! The class won silver and were recognized for “most experimentation”. Congratulations!

This, and all the other entries, will be featured on the website for you to explore and take inspiration from. They have a number of resources online to get you started. Build your own solar oven this summer and test out some of their recipes!

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