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Empowering Young Minds for a Sustainable Future: Efficiency NS and BIJ STEM Join Forces!

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Today, we had an incredible collaboration with Efficiency Nova Scotia and BIJ STEM Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, bringing an action-packed event to young minds!

Through a series of hands-on activities, we immersed the children in the world of climate change and energy efficiency. It was all about learning through fun and interactive experiences!

We started by creating an electric circuit using our bodies, using the energy stick to demonstrate the power of energy flow. The excitement was electric as they witnessed the circuit come to life!

Next, we engaged in the Energy Meter line-up and light bulb math, where the children explored the connection between energy usage and the impact on the environment. They discovered the importance of making energy-conscious choices in their everyday lives.

Acting out climate change allowed the kids to truly understand the effects of global warming and the urgency of taking action. They showcased their creativity and empathy in portraying the challenges faced by our planet.

The Global Map Activity gave the children a chance to explore the interconnectedness of our world. They learned about the global impact of climate change and discovered ways to contribute to a sustainable future, no matter where they are.

We are immensely grateful to Efficiency Nova Scotia and BIJ STEM Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for their partnership and commitment to educating and empowering young minds. Together, we are nurturing a generation of change-makers for a greener and more sustainable world!

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