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“En Route” with Marlène! – École Stella-Maris!

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Marlene has been busy traveling to French schools around the province and has had some really exciting visits, like her recent trip to École Stella Maris!
Students in grade 5/6 with Mme Réjeanne were just finishing up their unit on electricity and had built energy apparatus models, like the wind turbine in the photo below. These students applied their imaginations to come up with three habits that they are willing to change in their everyday life to make the world a better place. These grade 5/6 students are aware that they are an important generation of Earth citizens who can create a greener future!
These students had some great ideas to share about what the greenest energy would be: solar, geothermal, wind power… but Marlene revealed the greenest energy is actually energy efficiency! If you want to reduce the impact of your energy use, #WasteLess! Thank you for sharing this story, Marlene!

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