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Energy Bingo Times Two!

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École Acadienne de Truro had an awesome time with Engagement Officers Pam and Marlene! Pam was there in person in Mme Colette’s Grade 5 classroom of 22 students, while Marlene joined them virtually through the use of the internet and the projector.

They learned about the different types of energy, reasons to help save and conserve energy, and tips to do so, like helping their families to turn off their lights, and to help hang clothes on a clothesline to dry instead of using a dryer.

After the presentation, Pam and Marlene worked together to play the Energy Bingo activity with the students. Marlene asked the questions, Pam had the students answer, and also sometimes helped with some hints. As students yelled “BINGO!” they received a Green Schools stamp, which Pamela was able to give out as Marlene continued with the game.

The students were great listeners, and one student even pointed out the “Energy Star” logo on his school ChromeBook providing a great visual and conversation starter for the students.

The technology worked out perfectly and we can’t wait to do more virtual engagements – stay tuned!

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