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Energy Efficiency in Action!

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Green Schools NS Engagement Officer Colleen Freake recently dropped by Burton Ettinger Elementary School to chat with Mme Poirier’s Grade 5/6 students!

Mme Poirier has a great bunch of students on her hands who always turn off their chromebooks when they put them away. That’s energy efficiency in action! Colleen talked about energy efficiency in technology. Students were keen to learn about renewable energy sources such as geothermal and tidal systems. She saw some faces really perk up when they started to talk about new technology!

The students in this class had some great observations while working on the Green Schools NS Energy Navigators activity with Engagement Officer Colleen Freake. This was a Thursday afternoon before March Break, it was amazing how focused these students were! Perhaps it was because everyone was relaxing in their PJ’s for pajama day!

Colleen looks forward to hearing about the next projects this school has on the go, from gardening and outdoor classrooms to science projects, these students might be our next green technology inventors! Excellent work, Grade 5/6 Poirier!

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