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Energy, Food, and YOU!

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EO Gabrielle met with Gr. 9 classes at Park West to chat Energy and Food! They explored food miles and how much energy it takes to get your food to your plate! Why might saving energy be important? Well, it has an impact on our planet and our wallets! The more energy effiecnt we can be, the better!

Gabrielle also shared her journey from interests, school experiences, and joining the Green Schools team. She plans to meet with classes again to dive deep into Green Careers since students were curious about her path. You can learn more about this webinar on the FUTURES Podcast.  Kelsey and Shandel explain that the Green Careers webinar features different skill sets that correlate with emerging green career paths. This webinar also features information about provincial post secondary schools that have programs dedicated to developing green careers.

You can book your Free Webinar by emailing your Engagement Officer or by writing us on the contact page.

The students had so many bright questions about what they can do to help with food waste and composting. Divert NS has so many great resources so they’ll be getting those links in our follow up with the teacher. We love Compost Creators!

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