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Energy Surge!

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Recently Engagement Officer Colleen Freake visited with some students from the Shambhala School!

Beginning her visit with investigations into electricity use inspired a surge of energy in the grade 6/7 class with Ms. Brin. During the energy navigator’s activity, the students led Colleen on an eventful school tour of this well maintained historic building (c.1917) in search of wasted energy.

Students demonstrated enthusiasm and leadership by providing “turn off the lights” cling reminders for light switch plates, evaluating the ways energy is currently used in the school building, and brainstorming energy efficiency ideas. These students have the advantage of having sustainability worked into every aspect of their education. When discussing alternative energy sources, students discussed what they had recently learned about industrialized agriculture from a documentary called “King Corn”. Sharing energy efficiency ideas and emerging innovations in classrooms around the province is a great way to amplify our continuous environmental education experience; there is so much to learn!

Colleen concluded her visit with the grade 11/12 Physics class. She provided a Green Schools energy efficiency presentation with an activity on a cost-benefit analysis of the three main technologies of light bulbs, including both purchase and consumption costs. Skills for evaluating true costs are essential in the adult world and this class was prepared to take on real-world problems with the analytical mind of a scientist! After all, energy efficiency is the best way to slow C02 emissions!

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