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Entrepreneurship students at Barrington Municipal High School garbage challenge

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Each year the Entrepreneurship students at Barrington Municipal High School are challenged to think of ways to make a business or product from things we would often think of as garbage.

The premise is that in the future we will expect businesses to use waste products as their starting resource. For example, RRFB currently has a request for proposals on what to do with all the glass that is brought in for recycling. What will the future hold for businesses that will be created based on this recycled resource of glass. This is an important lesson for high school students to learn – waste is not something to be put in the ground or burnt, rather a resource that can be made into something to use. Even before the class started there was already one student who has been upcycling old T-shirts!

We would love to hear if other high school Entrepreneurship classes are taking similar initiatives. Let us know right here in the comments section below!

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